Medical Equipment Dealer


Nature of Business The main activities of the company are the selling and marketing of medical and laboratory equipment, disposables and consumables, supplies, hospital equipment and furniture, equipment packages and turnkey project consultancy, to hospitals, clinics, laboratories and nursing homes in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and other countries.

Mission Statement  To serve and support our customers through the supply of high technology, value-added medical products, equipment and disposables, so as to achieve our goal of providing better and quality health care at affordable price for everyone.

Vision To become the leader in our field for introducing the newest and most technologically advanced medical instruments and supplies to the medical and laboratory industry. To lead the way for others to follow, by engaging in honest practices and showing our dedication to excellence through and conscientious pursuit of the company's goals. 


 With the dedication of our professional team, we are one of the leading medical supplies distributor and wholesaler  today. We established strong working relations with hospitals, polyclinics, medical practitioners, pharmacies, nursing schools and all related parties in the medical industry. We are also well connected to the ASIAN market via our networks of dealers and are always in sync with the latest development in the market.

Quality Policy - Our quality policy dictates an unfaltering commitment coupled with uncompromising work ethic that is driven through continual improvement to meet total customer satisfaction..

We are focused in providing sales, applications, training, and servicing to hospitals and private clinics for a range of highly advanced medical equipment and disposable products from USA and Europe; particularly in the area of non-invasive and minimally invasive surgical applications. Spanning the markets in the South East Asia and South Asia regions,We also provide total comprehensive and innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers in both latest and quality healthcare products and services.


Diagnostic ECG

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Physiological Patient Monitoring System

CathLab Suite

Patient Temperature Management System

Hemostasis Management

Warming Cabinets

Hospital Beds

Hospital Clinical Information System